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You’re the voice – new Board member to represent RCSA members

Managing Director of Health Staffing Australia, Ross Thompson, APRCSA, has been elected to the Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association (RCSA) Board as the Accredited Professional Representative Director.

This role allows Ross the opportunity to be the voice of the Accredited Professional members and represent their views on the board.

The position also recognises the experience that Ross brings to the role that will help ensure new ideas are heard and embraced.

“I know it goes without saying but I am really honoured to have been elected to this position,” Ross said.

“It is a privilege to be the voice of other members and I take this seriously. I am looking forward to members getting in touch with me so I can listen to their ideas and concerns.”

Ross is excited to bring a new perspective to the board and challenge traditional thinking to promote innovation as part of the RCSA strategy.

“So much has changed since the beginning of last year, we have seen a big shift towards the need for adaptability and agility in the new workforce environment,” he said.

“We’re already starting to see a mindset change in terms of what candidates and clients are looking for, and our members have plenty of bold ideas on what this might mean and how we should approach our businesses. These are the sorts of concepts I want to lay out in our Board meetings.”

Ross established Health Staffing Australia (HSA) more than eight years ago as an agency dedicated to aged care, disability and healthcare staffing.

“When we began, we knew that the quality of staff we provide is what would make us the industry leader,” Ross said.

He said time and results had proved him right. HSA partners clients in the aged care, disability services and healthcare industries by providing quality staff members who deliver exceptional care.

That work and his overall contribution to the recruitment industry was recognised with the 2019 RCSA Outstanding Contribution Award.

Ross’s work providing community support during the recent catastrophic bushfires saw him nominated in 2020 by his Australian peers from a global network of recruitment specialists as having done a remarkable job.

The term for the new Board director is two years. For Ross, it is another accolade to add to his achievements.

He is the Deputy Chair of the NSW/ACT Regional Council RCSA of Australia and was a Management Committee Board Member of the Shoalhaven Business Chamber for 7 years.

He also sat on other RCSA sub-committees, and his business was one of the first to achieve the StaffSure Accreditation.

“While I have more than 20 years’ experience in business development and business management, I have 12 years clocked up in recruitment,” he said.

“I bring that knowledge along with my expertise in the business services sector working within both the SME and Corporate Market into this new role.

“The Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association is a strong voice and always strives to do its absolute best for its members. I hope I can add to the voice with the views of our Accredited Professional Members.”

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